Africa Facilities Management Association (AfricaFM) is the leading network and voice of facility management professionals with an interest in advancing FM in Africa. This will be achieved through dialogue, supporting research, and making best practices accessible to the public and FM professionals.

In October 2020, FMCE Led by Maria Morapedi, brought together FM Practitioners across Africa, at the end of which it was decided to create the Africa Center of Excellence in FM and drive the growth of FM in Africa.

Following the conference decision, a meeting was convened and attended by Maria Morapedi; Paul Erubami; Prof. Kathy Michell; Dr. MKO Balogun; Lara Peamen representing IFMA; TC Chetty representing RICS; Wanjiru Atlanta Wamahia; Yasser Zannoun, where it was decided to expand the scope of the objective to including the creation of National FM bodies across Africa to serve as the platform for achieving the objective. At subsequent meetings, it was agreed to turn the venture into a Pan African FM Organisation with proper structure to achieve the stated objectives.

To be the voice and driver of FM, connecting the industry to the economies of the continent and delivering value to FM Practitioners and stakeholders.

Promoting the development of requisite industry skills and knowledge through collaboration and research.


  • Support Facility Management (FM) practice across Africa.
  • Create a path for future FM practitioners to discover/realize a career in the industry.
  • Stimulate greater collaboration between/within FM across Africa.
  • Promote & establish knowledge, standards and education in the FM profession.

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