Global FM was founded on May 17, 2006, through the collaboration of leading Facility Management Associations with the shared goal of advancing the field of facility management (FM) on an international scale.

Operating as a unified entity, Global FM serves as an international community dedicated to promoting facility management and fostering the exchange of knowledge and expertise within the FM profession.

The core objectives of Global FM include:

  • Encouraging greater collaboration among facility management communities worldwide.
  • Leveraging the diverse cultures and strengths of member organizations to enhance the skills and knowledge of FM professionals.
  • Promoting standards, education, and best practices in the FM industry through collective efforts.
  • Facilitating the sharing of innovative practices, sustainability initiatives, risk management strategies, and insights into the future of facilities management.

Originally, Global FM identified six key areas, termed ‘hot topics’, which were deemed essential for collaborative focus across member associations. These topics include Sustainability; Innovation; Education and Training; Risk Management; Facilities Management – both current and future trends; and the impact of Economy and Cultures across borders.

Despite the passage of time, these topics remain pertinent and vital to the FM sector, highlighting the enduring relevance and importance of collaborative efforts within the global FM community.

Learn more about GlobalFM here.

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