Facility Management Conference and Exhibition (FMCE), founded in 2017 by Maria Morapedi is a dedicated hub for facility management, championing industry awareness, knowledge exchange, and the implementation of forward-thinking strategies across Botswana, Africa, and the wider global industry.

FMCE collaborates with local asset stakeholders and business communities to foster a thriving facilities management industry.

FMCE is dedicated to promoting the facilities management profession by bringing together industry experts, thought leaders, delegates, and exhibitors. Through its annual conferences and exhibitions, it aims to raise industry awareness and facilitate knowledge sharing among professionals in Botswana, the African continent and global industry experts. The goal is to provide practical solutions that enhance business operations and drive efficiency.

FMCE’s mission centers around delivering practical solutions that boost business efficiency, reduce carbon footprints, and integrate Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into strategic facilities management. Collaborating closely with local stakeholders and global experts, it strives to drive the adoption of FM ISO Standards and champion technology advancements that support a more sustainable and responsible FM profession.

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