Kazeem Olugbade

Kazeem Olugbade

Kazeem Olugbade is a facility management professional who has extensive knowledge and skills in the subject areas.

Articles By This Author


New Year, New Facility: A Guide for Facility Managers

Insights Professional Development

Starting a Successful Career in Facility Management: Your Ultimate Guide


Technology Adoption in Facility Management


What is Sustainability? – Building a Greener Future and the Vital Role of Facility Managers

General Leadership

Season’s Greetings! Professionalism and Festive Fun by Facility Managers

Health. Safety and Security

What is Facility Security? – A Comprehensive Overview

Leadership Professional Development

Succession Planning in Facility Management: Ensuring Smooth Transitions and Continuity


Collaboration Between Architects and Facility Managers: Optimizing Building Life Cycle

Insights Leadership Professional Development

Navigating the Skills Gap in Facility Management

Professional Development Leadership

10 Key Components of Capacity Building in Facility Management

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