The Association of Facilities Management Practitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN), serves as a national platform dedicated to advancing the practice of facility management in Nigeria. Its mission is to become the primary reference point for all aspects of facility management within the country, with a vision of making facility management a key driver of Nigeria’s economic growth.

AFMPN was incorporated in October 2017 with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria to unite all facility management practitioners in Nigeria into a national professional body and to promote excellence in the facility management industry through adherence to standards.

AFMPN aims to achieve its objectives through various means, including representing the interests of professional facility managers and companies, advocating for the Nigerian facility management industry, influencing government policies related to infrastructure, fostering partnerships, supporting professional development, collaborating with universities to promote education and research in facility management, conducting surveys and research projects for industry data, organizing conferences and seminars, and recognizing excellence through awards and commendations.

Through these efforts, AFMPN seeks to elevate the standards and practices of facility management in Nigeria, driving its contribution to national development and fostering a thriving industry landscape aligned with international standards and best practices.

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2 replies on “Association of Facility Management Practitioners, Nigeria (AFMPN)”

  • Engr. Ibraheem A.O.
    April 18, 2024 at 6:21 am

    Good morning sir/maa,
    What are the procedures to become a member,am coperate member of Nigerian Institution of Facilities Engineering and Management here in Nigeria. Thank you very much while waiting for your reply.